Wedding Info

The Venue

We will be getting married at Quail Ranch in Simi Valley. It's a historic California ranch located in the hills of Ventura County and also happens to be in Emilie's hometown!

136 Tierra Rejada Road
Simi Valley, CA 93065

About Quail Ranch:
Quail Ranch is a family owned and operated avocado ranch located just outside of Los Angeles in Ventura County, in the city of Simi Valley. A flourishing avocado orchard and a variety of citrus are planted alongside towering pines and majestic oak trees. The estate home, the Ranch House, was built in 1933 and is of Spanish Revival architecture adding a unique charm and beauty to the property.

Emilie grew up about 10 minutes from Quail Ranch, which makes this venue even more special. These are the hills we've hiked together and that she's run many miles through.

The Quail:
The Quail is a symbol of love and devotion, a symbol of loyalty and commitment to family, of peace and as many Native Americans believe, a symbol of staying grounded, being humble, and staying close to mother earth. The Scots believed the Quail to be a symbol of protection and inspiration and as the simple Quail live and endure, they are a symbol of strength and survival, the symbol of victory.


Ceremony will begin promptly at 4:30 PM on September 8, 2019
Susan Moyal